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Interview Pure Flower Boutique

Ever since she was 13, Ashley has been at home in flowers. The long-held dream of starting her own flower store became a reality in May 2023. Pure Bloemenboetiek sprung up in Soest's shopping center. In the interview, she looks back on this period, which was marked by personal challenges in addition to business highlights. Ashley candidly shares her experiences and talks about her love and passion for the flower industry.

How did you get into the profession, what is your background?

"When I was 13 I had my first job at a flower store, from childhood I have been interested in flowers and picked them along the road. After studying Flower & Design at Wellantcollege in Houten and mbo 2 and 3, I worked for companies and events for another year. After the study period I started working full time in the flower profession and worked at several flower stores in Amersfoort. 

Can you tell us a little about the origins of the flower store?

"In August 2022, I took the first steps toward establishing my flower store, and by February 2023, I finally got the key to begin remodeling. May 2023 became a crazy period, which included both the planned opening of the flower store and the death of my mother. Despite the dual emotions, I chose to celebrate the opening of the flower store on May 12, inspired by my mother's words: It's your future, and you go for it!"

Ashley van Nimwegen, owner Pure Flower Boutique

What makes Pure Flower Boutique unique?

"Pure Bloemenboetiek is unique because of the atmosphere in the store and because no request is too crazy, anything goes here! I enjoy chatting with the customers, advising and helping them choose a bouquet. We also provide that extra bit of attention for the customers, we deliver bouquets to their homes or I walk with them to take the bouquet to the car." 

Do you serve a particular segment and suffer from competition?

"The assortment of our store has something for everyone! I also want to be able to offer something to everyone, because this is also super important in this day and age. Both young and old walk in here for a bouquet or another gift. There are several florists around my store, three to be exact. I'm not too concerned about this, each florist has their own style that also appeals to a different target group."

What flowers excite you and what is your favorite bouquet?

"My favorite flower is the delphinium, you really make me very happy with that! I also really like flowers with bright colors, beautiful branches or a bunch of roses. At the moment my favorite bouquet is still with warm purple, eggplant and pink through it."

Pure flower boutique in Soest

What moments do you prefer to make a bouquet for?

"I prefer to make a bouquet for every moment and a little different, for example, I don't like a standard chrysanthemum bouquet. Making funeral arrangements is what I like doing best. Normally you make it for someone else, but recently I also had to make it for my parents. This personal experience made me look at mourning differently, it can be a ray of hope on such a gloomy day. This is also what I like best about the profession, making people happy with a beautiful piece appropriate to the moment."

What I love most about the profession is making people happy with a beautiful piece appropriate to the moment.

What in particular do you have in your range right now?

"During the fall season, I have mostly warm-colored flowers in my assortment. To complete the bouquet I have rose root, the branches, pampas grasses and autumn leaves in all kinds of colors. I always make sure I have a diverse selection, which is why I try to go to the flower auction in Ede three times a week."

What do you pay particular attention to when purchasing flowers?

"When buying flowers I pay attention to how it looks, the freshness, the quality and the eye appeal, I can judge this best when I visit the auction myself, I prefer not to order online."

The assortment of Pure Flower Boutique from which Ashley composes the bouquet

What trend are you seeing in the floral world?

"I do see a lot of fake flowers coming by now in the floral world. This is beautiful, but it's not what you want to stand for as a florist. Surely real flowers make the most beautiful bouquets. Surely the Christmas trends are a lot of plumes, branches and wreaths and the colors red and purple together."

What do you think are the most beautiful features of the Alstroemeria?

"The Alstroemeria lasts so long! It does always come in bud, so only after a few days does it open up nicely and a beautiful flower appears!"

What do you incorporate the Alstroemeria into?

"In the past, when I worked at the flower stand at the market, the Alstroemeria had to be incorporated into every bouquet. Now in my own flower store, I do that a little less. This is also because I used to associate it as the graveyard flower."

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