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About us

Every Alstroemeria is an initiative of growers and breeders. They have united to make the Alstroemeria more visible to florists: how can we support them to use the flower more often?

Alstroemeria, a sustainable flower

Most of the growers and breeders are from the Netherlands, in addition there is supply from Africa and South America. Almost all growers are MPS A certified. This means that the flower meets sustainability and quality requirements of the market. The Alstroemeria is basically already a sustainable flower:

    • Flowers are picked from one plant for years in the greenhouse.
    • The average temperature in the greenhouse is lower than for other cut flowers.
    • The flower is not very susceptible to viruses.
    • Most of the crop protection is done by using biological agents.

A solid base for beauty

The growers and breeders of Every Alstroemeria collectively market over 70 varieties, there is a choice for every type of floral arrangement. The many colors, year-round availability and accessible nature makes the Alstroemeria a solid base for any arrangement. On our inspiration page you will find various articles, interviews and downloads to get the most out of the Alstroemeria.

Every Alstroemeria is here for the florist

We work closely with wholesalers and exporters, so that every florist can buy his or her favourite colours year-round and use them at any time. Are you a wholesaler, exporter, purchasing service and interested in a cooperation? Please contact us.

Discover the Alstroemeria

Its colourful, lively character is ideal for every type of florist and its customers. The long vase life and year-round availability makes the Alstroemeria suitable for every season. In every season there are moments when a flower comes in handy and changes the atmosphere in the house.