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Grown green, given sustainably

In harmony with earth, water, air and fire, the Alstroemeria presents itself as an extraordinary flower, anchored in the power of the natural elements and characterized by unique features that make it a distinctive choice in the world of cut flowers.


Earth, from which all life sprouts, is the basis of the Alstroemeria's growth.

Grown in open ground, its stems leave themselves in the earth after picking, serving as a natural fertilizer. This perennial is a symbol of durability, producing flowers year after year. In addition, it proves little susceptible to viruses and fungi, underscoring its robustness in nature. In this article, we will take you through the growth process of the Alstromeria in the greenhouse. 


Water, an essential element for all flora, is managed in a special way by the Alstroemeria.

It consumes relatively little water compared to other flowers, making it a responsible choice. Its long vase life and minimal need for water changes strengthens its position in bouquets, where it does not "poison" other flowers, unlike some competitors. Even without water, the Alstroemeria can endure; cut off the stems, add fresh water, and within the hour it rises to its full glory. Discover more care tips.


Air, filled with oxygen and carbon dioxide, is utilized by the Alstroemeria for its growth.

It absorbs CO₂ and has a low environmental footprint, demonstrating that beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand. Odorless and often pollen-free, with average greenhouse humidity, she effortlessly adapts to different environments. Did you know that the Florinca is even completely pollen-free? This flower differs from the Alstroemeria with several small flowers on one stem.


Fire, the element of warmth and light, subtly needs the Alstroemeria.

With an average temperature of 18 degrees and only 16 hours of light per day, it stands out from other cut flowers that are more demanding. Her ability to thrive with less heat and light highlights her resilience and economic efficiency. The Alstroemeria brings warmth with its beautiful colors and surprises every day with the opening of its flowers. Get inspired here!

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