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The Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, also known as Inca lily, originate from the cool mountainous regions of the Andes in Brazil, Peru and Chile. The Alstroemeria was discovered in the eighteenth century by the Swedish researcher Clas Alströmer. In the Andes, the flower stands at height, so that it has cold 'feet' and a pleasant upper temperature. Today, growers still imitate this in the greenhouse by using soil cooling and a constant temperature between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius all year round. In recent years, the quality of the flower has improved considerably, resulting in sturdy stems, beautiful green leaves and a longer vase life.

Alstroemeria is for every moment, season, home and every day

Its colourful, lively character is ideal for every type of florist and its customers. The long vase life and year-round availability makes the Alstroemeria suitable for every season. In every season there are moments when a flower comes in handy and changes the atmosphere in the house. The Alstroemeria is available in various colours, every season. The Alstroemeria is at home in every house, and this flower is easy to look after. Every day the Alstroemeria surprises again by opening its many flowers. A solid basis in an arrangement, for every moment, season, home and every day!

Flower of friendship

Did you know that the Alstroemeria symbolizes long-lasting friendship? The flower of the Alstroemeria consists of six petals, and each has its own meaning: compassion, patience, understanding, humor, decisiveness and respect. These meanings together symbolize a long-lasting friendship. A perfect gift, celebrate Friendship Day every year on July 30!

Care tips

To promote the long vase life of the Alstroemeria and position it well in your shop, we have 3 tips:

      • The optimum storage temperature is between 3 and 7 degrees.
      • As always, it helps to use clean, fresh water and to remove the leaves.
      • Both in the shop and at home: use flower food and remove any spent flowers.

Do you want to offer the Alstroemeria as a mono-bunch or show the open flowers to your customers? For this, place the flower in warm water, so that the buds will already spring open slightly and your customers will buy a surprisingly colourful bunch. Even if the bunch contains open flowers, the stems will last at least a week and a half because of the long vase life.


Almost all growers are MPS A-certified. This means that the flower meets the market's sustainability and quality requirements. The Alstroemeria is in the basis already a sustainable sustainable flower:

      • Flowers are picked from one plant for years in the greenhouse.
      • The average temperature in the greenhouse is lower than for other cut flowers.
      • The flower is not very susceptible to viruses.
      • Most of the crop protection is done by using biological agents.

Want to know more about how the environment is taken into account when growing the Alstroemeria? Read the article.


Florinca, pollen-free and with a very graceful image. The branching stem has many small flowers, which are already open when you receive them. This rightly makes the flower an eye-catcher. 

The graceful flower with many small flowers in its branches radiates power, a kind of elegance that you might not have expected. This purity requires a certain approach, as the flower's slogan is not for nothing: when elegance comes naturally. 

Florinca red close up