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Growers and breeders

every Alstroemeria is an initiative of growers and breeders. But who are the faces behind the growers and breeders? Get to know them! Find out what their passion for Alstroemeria is, what ambitions they have and get an insight into their working process.

Fa. A. Vreugdenhil

Maak kennis met Arend Vreugdenhil

Sinds 2004 is Arend Vreugdenhil mede-eigenaar van het familiebedrijf. Als kind groeide hij al op in het vakgebied.

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Royal Van Zanten

Meet Dave Geerlings

Working at Royal Van Zanten for over 18 years. Through pot Chrysanthemums, Statice and pot Alstroemeria, he is now breeder of the cut Alstroemeria.

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Meet Rick Melenhorst

Rick has taken over Nursery Melenhorst from his parents. In this interview, he takes you through his profession, entrepreneurship and ambitions. 

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Nursery the Hazekamp

Meet Isabella

Isabella has been working in the field for 25 years. Together with her husband, she is the owner in partnership of Nursery de Hazekamp.

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Könst Alstroemeria

Meet Stef Veenhof

He is involved at various points in the process. Do you have a question about the Alstroemeria? Then Stef would love to answer it! 

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Tesselaar Alstroemeria

Meet Karolien and Rick

Tesselaar Alstroemeria, het bedrijf van Rick en Karolien Tesselaar. Ze zijn in het vakgebied opgegroeid en zo hebben zij al 25 jaar ervaring in het vakgebied.

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HM Tesselaar

Meet Willem

As a student, Willem Dekker started at HM Tesselaar and over the years was co-responsible for the sales of both the inside and the outside world.

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Meet Fedor

Learn more about Fedor van Veen, active in the field for 28 years. Since 2018, his company has merged and continued under the name Together2grow.

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