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Every Season - Winter

The season is slowly transforming into an enchanting winter wonderland. Find out how to create a beautiful winter arrangement with just a few stems that your customers can enjoy for up to 12 days!

Winter Inspiration

Get inspired! Will you go for a mono, match or mix winter bouquet? 

Alstroemeria, a bouquet on one stem

With just one or a few Alstroemeria stems, you can achieve a great effect. Each stem carries several flowers that bloom beautifully! This is why the Alstroemeria is rightly known as a perfect filler for bouquets.

Christmas Bouquet

The holidays are shining bright again this season; it's time to shine! With just a few steps, you can create an enchanting Christmas bouquet with Alstroemerias. For extra festive inspiration: Every Holiday: enjoy the Alstroemeria during the holidays.


Complete your bouquets and arrangements with the Alstroemeria. There is a wide range of color. Which winter color do you choose? White, orange, purple or red?