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Every Holiday: enjoy the Alstroemeria during the holidays.


The holiday season is just around the corner! Be surprised by a wonderful assortment in Alstroemeria full of atmospheric and festive flower colors. From wintry white, deep red to warm dark purple. Let your customers enjoy the Alstroemeria before, with and after Christmas.

The Alstroemeria is the perfect flower for those who really want to make a statement this year when decorating the table for Christmas dinner. Are the holidays being celebrated away from home? Then the Alstroemeria is a sparkling gift to give to family or friends. If this flower is placed in the house during Christmas, it will also bloom beautifully at the turn of the year! Bring warmth into your home and enjoy the holidays together.

Every Alstroemeria wishes you unforgettable holidays and a blooming New Year!


Also, present the Alstroemeria as a single flower on a vase. Then you can clearly see how many flowers grow on one stem. You can count at least five! A single stem in a vase, for example, is perfect as a table decoration for Christmas.

Featured species

Complete your bouquets and arrangements with the Alstroemeria. There is a wide range of color. Which winter color do you choose? White, orange, purple or red? 

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