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Summer: How best to care for your bouquets? 

Every Alstroemeria The summer; How to care for

In the summer we like to enjoy the sunny weather outside as much as possible. When we are inside, the bouquet of flowers that your customers have bought from you will quickly create a summer atmosphere in the house. In this article we share some tips for creating beautiful and heat-resistant summer bouquets with a long vase life! So that you can inform your customers on how best to arrange bouquets during hot summer days.

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What types of flowers are good to use in the summer?

The species known to withstand heat are: Delphinium (delphinium), Gloriosa, Sunflower, Gladiolus, Gerbera, and of course the Alstroemeria. You can use these flowers in a mixed bouquet but a monobosom with different colors of Alstroemeria is just as summery!

Five tips for a long vase life

Want your customers to enjoy the bouquet of flowers you've carefully put together for them for an extra long time? Share these five tips for a long vase life with them.

  1. Cut the stems at an angle and remove the leaves from the stems.
    Before you put the bouquet in a vase, make sure you cut the stems at an angle and remove the leaves that will be hanging in the water. If the flowers have just been picked up then they are ready to be put in the vase. Have they been lying around for a while? Then the undersides of the stems have already dried out somewhat and they will not absorb water as well. That is why you should regularly cut off a piece of the bottom of the stems, so that the flower has a chance to absorb the water properly again.

  2. Place the bouquet in a clean vase.
    Are you taking a vase out of the cupboard? Be sure to clean it thoroughly first with a small amount of bleach or chlorine so the bacteria can't affect the fresh bouquet.

  3. Change the water every 3 days and use cut flower food.
    Just like people, flowers also need more water during the heat that summer brings. Change the water regularly! Also be sure to add new cut flower food to the water.

  4. Get a good location
    Keep in mind when you give flowers a nice spot, they don't like direct sunlight, nor do they like drafts. A fruit basket nearby? Not a good idea either... This will speed up the wilting process of the flowers. Does it cool down at night? Then put your bouquet outside or in a cool place in the house.

  5. Remove spent flowers from the bouquet.
    Some flowers stand longer than others, make sure you take out the spent flowers. This way they won't pollute the water and affect the other flowers.
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