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Florinca, the pollenless Alstroemeria


Florinca, the graceful flower with many small flowers in the branches that are already open when you receive them. This rightly makes the flower an eye-catcher. We will tell you more in this article about the origin and use of this special type of Alstroemeria.

How does the Florinca arise?


Florinca varieties are difficult to make. The breeding process involves crossing mothers with fathers from which seeds are produced. Unfortunately, Florinca seeds do not want to germinate immediately. For this we need a laboratory that cares for them like incubator babies. 

Eventually these are babies, little plants that we can plant in the greenhouse and then the real selection can begin. We judge on various points, such as: color, flower size, leaf quality and shelf life. Only the best performing ones are eventually named and introduced to flower growers.

Cultivation process

For growers, it is important that each plant produces the same flowers, which is why the plants are cloned. This is often done in a lab so we can be sure no diseases can get into them. Each plant then has the same characteristics and produces the same flowers. This is very convenient for a grower who wants to grow pink Florincas, for example, and then does not have to remove half of the section because the plants give red flowers.


What is the difference between the Florinca and Alstroemeria?

There are many more flowers on a stem - up to around 20 to 25. Also, Florincas are pollenless. Florincas are easily transported with open flowers, so the florist immediately has much more color in the bunch. 

A well-known example is Charmelia®. Florinca is the group name under which the Charmelia® falls. This particular variety excels in shelf life (up to 21 days) and many flowers.

How does the Florinca come out best?

The flowers are excellent for "wild" bouquets and excel in their long shelf life. Both in stores and with consumers. Besides being used in bouquets, Florinca is suitable for all kinds of arrangements and are often used for bridal bouquets. The sturdiness of the branches allows for easy handling while arranging. The beauty of Florinca is also the presentation of a single stem solitary in small vases. Because of the multiplicity in color, suitable for every season. They are therefore available year-round!

What varieties of Florinca are there?

The Florinca has a wide range of different colors. In terms of flower size, shelf life and numbers, the well-known varieties are the standard. One of the favorites is the White Pearls.

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