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For Every Season

Rain or shine, winter or spring. Whatever the season, the Alstroemeria is available all year round. It is the basis of your assortment. Sometimes as a subtle prettifier, fitting in every type of arrangement. At other times the Alstroemeria steals the show as a monobosition. Choose the Alstroemeria every season in different, fitting colours and surprise your customers at the most important moments in their lives, or just for fun.  


Brighten up your assortment with the Alstroemeria. A cheerful cut flower that is also available in summer in many fresh sunny colours. Check out our summery inspiration!


De dagen worden alweer langer. Voor veel mensen het moment om op te ruimen en verse bloemen in huis te halen. Alstroemeria’s natuurlijk, want daarmee maak je stralende zin-in-lenteboeketten.


Het seizoen tovert zich om naar een winter wonderland. We laten je zien hoe je met enkele stelen al een prachtig winterarrangement creëert waar je klanten wel tot 12 dagen van kunnen genieten!


Autumn, the fresh bright colors are exchanged for warm tones. We move from the outdoors to the indoors and want to make it cozy there. Therefore, on this page we share inspiration and tips for creating warm autumnal arrangements with, among others, the Alstroemeria, with which you can surprise your customers!


The Alstroemeria comes to the florist green in the bud, and the cheerful colours are then used to make bouquets that suit every moment, every season. View the range now: